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CODE : Flashon-16

Description : One fine cow eat a lot of grass and grain, which takes 540 days long to give a nice 3 price of cow hide. Therefore, leather is worth to be fully utilzed. Crepe is a newly create furniture that inherits new patterns from small pieces of leather and utilizes the latest techiquer to make the most of every piece by using small cut layers of a crepe, simultaneously containing perfect and imperfect at the very same time. Showing off small and bigger pancake texture divisbly, Creap would hopefully be like big desert for the interior

Size : W.238 D.95 H,71.5 seat 40

(ORDER TO MAKE) 45 Day Production Time.
                 สั่งผลิตภายใน 45 วัน

Price 92,000.00 ฿